Sunday, February 8, 2015

Random Roundup: Information Overload Edition

Did you hear Radio Shack is going kaput? Well not really - stores don't just disappear anymore.  A portion will become Sprint Radio Shack and a portion will retain the old name but belong to the company which bailed them out of bankruptcy last year. The other portion are shutting down. Click here to see if you're lucky enough to live near one of these and can find heavily discounted stuff: Gift cards are being accepted for thirty days and you can find them really cheap on eBay since folks are trying to dump them before they lose all value.

Speaking of bankruptcy and mergers and nonsense, Office Depot is in talks to be brought out by Staples. This is terrible news since Office Depot just finished acquiring Office Max. We would go from three office superstores to one in as many years! They attempted this buyout about eighteen years ago and at the time it was shut down by the government, which obviously does not want any one company to control all the Sharpies in the country.


On one of the facebook eBay groups one of the members linked to - which allows users to search the buying/bidding history of another user. Even more interesting is the main page ( which provides all sorts of buying/selling information. Going to an estate sale loaded with board games? Search the term and sort by highest selling. Want to buy a red widget? Search for that and see which ones are ending soon without bids.