Friday, February 13, 2015

Random Roundup - Blurbtastic

Did you know Ikea sells drawer kits which can be installed UNDER cabinets in the toe-kick space!?

Read all about their installation here: Spoiler Alert: It requires a lot of measuring.

Did I ever post this picture of mirrors being used as photo mats? These look professionally cut but you could do the same with Dollar Store mirrors and thrift store frames. I think different colored frames with mirrored mats would be quite a focal point!

Check out that nifty plant hook! I bet Ikea sells it - they definitely sell the plant container.

Speaking of hooks, check out this adorable coat rack at my audiologist's office. I really love metal/wood pairings. Do people still say OTP? 

It was fun to see my username on different sites used by folks around the world.

I made Skinny Chimichangas and they didn't look like the photos. Also I only had wheat tortillas and they overpowered the filling so I put salsa on top. Did I just Un-Skinny them?

Don't you love Kanye? Maybe not as much as Kanye loves Kanye. Check out this hilarious Kanye-Fidence generator: One of my favorites:
For me to say I wasn’t a genius, I would just be lying to you and to myself. -Jimmy Kimmel Live, 2013 Couldn't you just die laughing!?

I hadn't received a personalized pen sample in years! This one is specially cool because it serves as both a tablet stylus AND a ballpoint pen. Unfortunately it has my maiden name, the name of my school, followed by my home address. Their Data Mining Program is broken because I am definitely NOT running a community college from the basement. Or am I?

This is still my favorite pen and I use it daily. I've had it for about ten years and when the ink dies I just cannibalize another freebie pen for its innards. I really love eBay.

Here's my desk pen - a very smooth writing Yoplait pen and my Targus tablet stylus. I bought that stylus shortly after buying my iPad years ago. I quickly realized fingertips are faster than styluses and fingerprints wipe off easily. Perhaps I would use it in a professional setting to make everyone else jealous.

What about you? Do you use a stylus? Is a pen/stylus hybrid a good idea? Do you have a favorite pen even though you're a grown up?