Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Quiet Day at Ye Olde Thrift Job

It was so quiet at the little thrift shop today. A lot of regulars but not too many sales.

Puzzle - $1
Record - $1
Mug - .25

I was early to work so I stopped into the Habitat store on the way there:

Saw - $1 (keep)
Wallpaper borders - .25 each

Facebook has been lying to me because for ages everyone has been saying "selling wallpaper is the easiest thing in the world!" but my adorable unicorn wallpaper has been sitting around waiting for that DIY Daddy to come along and bid. I'm not sure about this dated southwestern motif but the price was right.

I donated a bedskirt, 2 sweaters, a blouse and a vase. I put the Busybody game in the Freebie box at work because its BORING!

I am linked to Laura ( who has a much better thrifting story this week!


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

I've had some awesome wallpaper (made in Italy) listed for over a year with no action at all. I won't be buying anymore wallpaper to sell, no matter how cheap it is.

laura sampson said...

I like the southwestern motif but will it be popular in wallpaper? I don't know!! I do like the old saw...