Thursday, February 12, 2015

Oh Guys the Salvation Army is Back!

Remember what a dud my Salvation Army had become? Things were overpriced or just lame. Well things have improved:

Fiesta bowl: 1.99
Fiesta saucers: 1.99 the batch
Depression bowl: .99
Fiesta mugs: .49 each
Dansk wine glasses: .49 each

Letter Opener: 1.99

I can't believe this is ACTUAL depression glass!

or labelled Dansk!

I'd even forgotten what Fiesta looked like!

This gorgeous piece of labelled Murano had broken hands and halo but was still $3.99. Pass.

Super cute planters but I have one and its not worth much. Who says I'm not learning? :D

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jcamp78 said...

I have that glass bird dish in pink. I actually was incredibly lucky and found mine on the side of the road in a box of Blue Ridge Pottery dishes. Yours is the first other one I've seen.

Anonymous said...

There is a new Sally's near me. Everything is over priced. I don't like that they sell dishes by the set instead of individually. I have purchased a few things on their end of the month sale but I get so discouraged there that I don't like to go.