Thursday, February 19, 2015

Inspiration Thursday: Is it Spring yet!?

This year's snowfalls have been pleasantly slow but I still wonder how my tulip bulbs are doing under there. I know a squirrel dug some up and none of my neighbors grow tulips but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I bought myself a new kneeling pad and some cilantro seeds today. I'm so ANGSTY to get out there and garden - no wonder my parents moved to a tropical climate.

I was also tempted by this hilarious little ornament, which is slightly politer than my GROW DAMNIT signs of yore. In the end I decided not to get it because I'd rather have more plants than more ornaments.

Here are some randomly cute things I found on Pinterest  whilst dreaming of gardens:

There's a tutorial for this plant chandy but she just took an old chandy, dismembered it, glued on some mini planters and sprayed the whole thing.  They are really cute but I'd never water them enough and those mini planters barely hold any water. Besides my solar chandy makes me infinitely joyous.

Every once in a while indoor plants get to me but don't orchids look like a lot of work and half the time you end up caring for a wet twig? I tell myself people with these types of arrangements either pay others to care for them or chuck them when they get ugly. They probably don't slave to save. Spoiler alert: the link goes to me trying to keep my ficus alive and failing.

Don't you love tutorials with EXACT measurements and links to items purchased? If so, click here:  for a really good tutorial on creating this numbers post. I'd never do it because by the time summer comes around all I will want to do is water plants and nap on the hammock BUT if I were to build it I would put a solar light at the top because I am a sucker for lighting.

Everyone's a critic.

Have you had any luck with self-watering pots? It seems counter-intuitive since we're supposed to keep plant roots out of water but they keep making them so I keep wondering if I'm just doing it wrong.

What about you? Start any seedlings yet? My packets all insist its too early but then I compare myself to the internet and folks are growing lemon trees in their basements so I just back away and shut it down. Comparison is the thief of joy, amiright!?


Margaret @ Live Like No One Else said...

I was supposed to start my winter-sowing a couple of weeks ago. I am a bit behind. Hoping hubby can carry the soil bags into the basement for me so that I can start. You start the seeds in a milk container and stick it outside in the winter. It's like a greenhouse. I probably have 100 seed packets to start. I was supposed to start the perenial seeds end of jan/beg of Feb and the annuals in late March. Will I get it done, who knows. I was supposed to do it last year and didn't. Although a friend told me that she did it with some seeds being about 5 years old. So I think I'm safe doing it either this year or next. LOL