Thursday, February 5, 2015

Inspiration Thursday: Entry Hall Inspiration

So we've had a pretty standard 8 hook coat rack since November of 2013:

Nothing fancy - its normally between $25-$30 on Amazon. I like it because it keeps coats, gloves and winter nonsense together plus its handy when guests come by. My husband wears a very heavy winter coat and he dislikes it because it tips over easily when he pulls his coat off.

I looked on Amazon but it seems tipping is just something coat racks do so I've back burnered a solution. Then I got one of those twice weekly Houzz e-mails last night and look at one of their pictures:

Inspired I turned to pinterest and found some more:

This shelf was handmade but it looks like something I could purchase somewhere.

I'd be afraid of mounting something this heavy because we have plaster walls and I don't know how to determine where the studs are.

The design isn't incredibly complicated but Industrial Arts class was over twenty years ago.

I'm going to keep an eye out and let the universe know I am kinda/sorta looking for one of these.