Monday, February 9, 2015

If you thrift it, it will come!

Can you guess which one of these I always wanted?

Lifewise speaker: 5.99
Lefton horse: 1.99
Quote paperweight: 1.99
Book: .99
Mug: .49

The color changing speaker of course!

It even has the under-pillow speaker attachment so I will be able to hear what's going on even when my deaf ear is facing up. Exciting!

I bought a mug because I haven't listed one in forever and they are so easy.

This was on top of a pile of books. 

I've been reading a lot of "celebrity" books recently. They make me quietly dumber.

Cute quote, hope it sells fast (and before it drops on my foot).Its by William Allen White, not Walter White.

It was boxxed with COA so hopefully it sells within the year. This stuff lingers but is easy to list and store.

I am cheerfully sharing with Bella Rose: