Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I Love Holidays

I love having our own home and decorating for every holiday. It feeds my desire for beauty AND randomness!

Donated: 2 purses, a sweater, 3 gloves, 2 scarves and some faceplates I bought from the Habitat store before we switched to Decora.


Easter Tree: $1 (to hang the ornaments I just bought)
Lenox frame: .75
Angels: .50 each
Sleeping pups: .25 each
Teddy bear: .25
Wallet: .25
Shallow bowls: .10 each

My husband used to live in a small town next to Rutherford (where Giants stadium is) so whenever someone asked "Where is that!?" he'd say "Next to Rutherford."

So gorgeous. One may be our tree topper this year!

Dansk Mesa bowls about an inch deep. Oddballs.

The crystal bunny matches the one I bought last summer! I can't wait to reunite them next month. Google helped me identify the dogs as a maltese and a lab.

I am Talking Vintage:


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Love that Dansk pattern. Those shouldn't last long. You'll sell those quickly.