Monday, February 23, 2015

How often have you filed USPS insurance claims?

When USPS announced free insurance on all Priority packages I stepped up my "fragiles" game and started eBaying lotsa breakables. Asides from that oddball week last May I hadn't submitted too many claims but lately its been nuts. Just check out my Claims History:

Claim Submitted 2015-2-23 $10.00   
Claim Submitted 2015-1-29 $19.75
Claim Submitted 2015-1-10 $10.68
Claim Submitted 2014-12-02 $7.80

Does four claims within three months seem excessive? I've mailed out over 100 packages in that period. I hear USPS automatically approves small claims with photo proof but I worry I will end up blacklisted and have to eBay Used Socks & Unbreakable Sundries if this keeps up.

Sometimes its oddballian - like this Cabbage Patch lot of eleven. One arrived randomly decapitated but the rest were fine:

There must have been a hairline crack - I picked her up at a garage sale last summer and she was already quite vintage. She looked fine and I sent her off enveloped in bubbles but it just wasn't enough.

What about you? Are you constantly chilling at too?