Sunday, February 15, 2015

Everything Green Now

Remember that song "Everything Zen?" I used to really like that song - even if I barely understood the singer.

Now that VDay is over its time to MAKE EVERYTHING GREEN! Sadly most of our St. Patty's decorations are from dollar stores and/or drug stores so I'd like to upgrade to nicer stuff as the thrift gods stock shelves.

I can't believe how easy it is to decorate this plant stand. So far we've gone through Halloween, XMas, VDay and now this.

I texted a picture to my niece of her Wii game doll with my husband's light up shamrock headband. My brother said she responded with "OMG WHAT IS THAT!?"  Fair enough.

The leprechaun ornament is hanging on the bathroom window, making it uncomfortable for visitors :D

The blu-ray shelf is my faux mantle and the easiest thing to decorate.

I kept the Lefton musical leprechauns because they are so darned cute and busted out the new candle holders to boot. The smaller one feels like plastic but the taller is definitely glass. I won't be dropping either - just in case.

Dollar Tree leprechaun makes me feel like a little kid.

The red curtains got swapped for light green although I'd prefer a darker green. Its snowing out there - I need thicker window blankets!

Dollar Tree Bow looks adorable up there. Can you see the mini shamrocks on the tinsel? Adorable Redux.

I even wrapped one of our extra necklaces around the kitchen clock.

As usual there are other small decorations floating around but this is the bulk of it. Do you decorate seasonally? Are you skipping Green Day and going right for Easter?