Wednesday, February 4, 2015

a donation box IS a good idea

I was throwing stuff in this box during the week and even forgot what was in there by today:

That's stuff I donated.

Unfortunately I brought more back!

Jug - $3
Board Games - $1 each
Candle - .50
Card - .25
Book - .10

I posted years ago about wrapping candles in bark. At the time folks asked me where to find bark and I said "IDK." Ironically the tree in front of our house sheds like no one's business! The sticker on this one says Home Goods.

Don't vintage board games have the best graphics?

Want to weigh in on this jug? Etsy says antique from the 1920s and google says oil receptacle. It certainly doesn't smell like anything.

Isn't this 3-d birthday card awesome!?

I felt gypped about the missing sand in this kit until:

Brookstone is such a rip-off.

So that's my thrifting for the week! I am linked to Bella Rose (, who featured my mirrored glasses (shameless plug: still for sale on eBay:!