Friday, January 16, 2015

Wooden flowers are a better idea

Here is the lone stem of flowers I saved from last week's cure assignment. The rest must have caught my negative waves and given up the ghost sooner than expected!

This weekend's assignment called for flowers again and check it out - WOODEN roses! I bought five dozen of them from a local facebook group for $10. I'd admired wooden roses before but never been tempted to buy.

Remember the scene in Six Feet Under when the mom takes a flower arrangement class and the teacher keeps criticizing her? She said all her arrangements looked funereal and couldn't breathe. That's what this looks like!

So I just picked out my favorites and stuffed them straight up in the vase. I just realized the angle makes them appear staggered anyway LOL

These I like!

I tried doing the same with the leftover gradiented flowers but it looked too dated so I put them back on Facebook.

The rest of the cure calls for cleaning the bedroom - should be easier than in previous weeks!