Sunday, January 11, 2015

What do we want? Shallow cabinets! When do we want them? Within a reasonable amount of time to ensure quality control!

Ugh I just sat down to laud myself for doing this weekend's Cure assignment and it turns out I only did half of it: *half laud*

I cleaned out the cupboards and threw away a lot of expired stuff. I also trashed things I didn't like and would eventually expire anyway. My husband had just done the same in the fridge earlier last week so this was in the bag! Then I re-read the assignment and turns out I'm supposed to clean all surfaces. Those Apartment Therapy guys are tough!

Side note - but I'm a very visual person. The stuff at the back of my cabinets always goes bad or missing and repurchased. My last two kitchens had a ton of storage space, which I joyfully squandered by lining things along the front as if I worked in a grocery store. What's everyone's secret? Do you just have amazing memories?

I did buy some flowers today:

Pretty but truthfully? I don't like real flowers inside the house. They're already dead and I hate trimming ends. I knew this about myself but its been years since I had to do it so I figured I would try again. Nope -  more work than beauty should entail.

Look at this giant juicer the store installed! Jack Bauer would use that to torture someone.

Look at the gorgeous Summer 2015 planters Rite Aid already set out! I love my old ones and the quality is great but these? They are pretty enough to make me want to buy even more outdoor plants! Just kidding - the hibiscuses are enough indoor plant responsibility for me.

Also check out how pretty our wintry tree looks! I have it set to turn on at 5ish and shut off a few hours later and its just wonderful. Way better than flowers.

I also just realized all my latest pictures are square - this is what happens when a toddler gets her hands on a cellphone and starts messing with settings.