Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Well that was anti-climactic

So it turns out buying storage containers willy-nilly is not a good idea. Case in point:

Large cabinet drawer - $13.99
Medium cabinet drawer - $11.99
Cosmetic organizer - $4.99
Plastic bins - $1 each

Stuff I needed? None of that.

I keep my hair stuff on a ledge inside the sink cabinet:

My original idea was to put it all in the bin with a handle so I could pull it out and set it on the sink when I'm messing with my hair. On the other side of the cabinet I could put one of those nifty silver sliding drawers like so:

Three problems right off the bat:

1. The large sliding drawer was too tall and hit the pipe
2. Dollar store bins are too flimsy to hold the amount of gel curly folks use
3. A sliding drawer is superfluous since its easier just to reach down and pick something up

End result:

The empty space is for my husband's razor, which he has out right now due to ...shaving. We decant the q-tips into a container kept behind the mirror.

It turns out the problem with this area was just the amount of stuff which did not need to be here - sunburn gel (hello winter!), 80% empty air fresheners, multiple half empty boxes of the same stuff, etc. I was very happy to find several "missing" hair clips and even my manicure set buried in there!

I used the Dollar Tree containers in the upstairs bathroom sink. The red one is holding my flat iron and the assorted nonsense a curly haired person needs when their hair is straightened. I threw away some makeup and put the rest in the purple container. The brown mini pot holds safety pins and I put my spare bottles of nail polish remover at the front so I will stop thinking I am out.

Even though this sink looks much more organized all I did was take the cotton balls downstairs and empty these two glass containers I used in my old house to hold flossers and cotton. Easy peasy.

I could have organized this all yesterday without needing to go shopping. I just didn't want to tackle it and really see what was going on.

The Dollar Tree really has an insane amount of plastic storage. Unfortunately I only found one of the bins from yesterday and the manager at one store said he hasn't seen them in a long time. It makes sense since most of the stories about these stack able containers are about a year old.

I bought one of the boxes of impatiens mix. The ones in our yard were so beautiful last year and I am looking forward to saving money AND growing more flowers this year.

I also went into Big Lots looking for storage containers but all I bought were 90% off Christmas stuff - .20, .40 stockings and .30 wire ribbon for our porch steps ... the next time its winter!

How did your undersink adventures go?