Monday, January 5, 2015

Stylecure: Stuff to Fix

We've been living in our home for a little over a year and we love it. However there are always small, cosmetic things which get pushed aside and ignored. Today's cure assignment asks for a list of things I'd like to accomplish this month.

Without further ado and with snazzy phone pics to illustrate:

Number one is a cheat because its already been contracted to Home Depot but check out what happened to our screen door last night! It wasn't fully closed and insane winds blew it open and into our railing. See the cracked door and dislodged glass? Depot is going to measure it on Wednesday because our tape measurements are untrustworthy and we should get a new door in about two weeks. I wish I were handy enough to replace this on my own but those hinges are not the regular ones I'm used to dealing with.

Issue 2 was something I'd hoped to avoid. Remember our garage sale last summer? We packed the remains and left them in the garage because I didn't want them back inside the house. Then I didn't do anything with them because it got cold. Then it got cold enough to predict snow. We pulled the stuff into the kitchen yesterday so we can park a car inside the garage if/when snow happens. I'll donate it at the little thrift store Wednesday but until then I have to avoid these tripping hazards. Oh and drive carefully on Wednesday.

Our front door didn't have a peephole so my husband drilled one. Actually he began drilling one before realizing it was too high for me so he adjusted. We never patched the original hole.

In similar moving in news, our house had badly worn 80s knobs on all the doors. We replaced the main ones with gorgeous glass ones. I removed the one on my closet, which worked fine but was ugly.

Then I bought a replacement spindle. Unfortunately by then the original set was trash so I just put the spindle on the floor inside the closet. Then ignored it for a year.

I painted the walls in out hallway last summer before tragically running out of blue painter's tape. I bought tape the next week and proceeded to ignore the doorjams and ceiling for the rest of the year. I would be satisfied if I just painted the doorjams and left the ceiling until later. Baby steps!

Last March I said I was going to hang little vases in the bathroom. Spoiler alert - never happened! I don't need air plants but the vases would be nice.

The living room's cable mismanagement is madenning! Christmas decorations are camouflaging them but its about time for St. Nick to head back to the North Pole - aka a storage tub in the closet upstairs.

My hubby has a bunch of nicely framed sports things. I said I would hang them but instead put them in a corner and forgot they existed.

So that's not an insane list of things to accomplish in a month and I know they would make our house more pleasant - we can become the kind of people who close closet doors!

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