Thursday, January 15, 2015

Overcompensating the Cure

Yesterday's Cure assignment was to knock one out assignment but I didn't do it. Instead I did today's three times! It all started when I cleaned my desk off earlier this week. The top looked great but the drawers were making me angsty. Without really looking I decided there were too many wires and all I needed to do was tie them all together.

So I went upstairs to look for cable ties. I assumed they would be in our office supplies drawer but they weren't. Since I rifled it all up I decided to just organize it:

Fresh from having cleaned out the upstairs office supplies storage I tackled my desk's top drawer:

This wasn't so bad. All I did was remove three seldom used items:

pinking shears, index cards (for rebates) and my old coupon holder

The bottom drawer is the real mess. Its intended to be used as a filing cabinet so its deep but I have a separate stand-alone cabinet. It doesn't look too bad but trust me - this things has LAYERS.

I pulled out the camera and below that is my iPod, GPS and some cables.

Below that are my Wacom tablet's mouse, eBay stamp, more cables, another camera and mini tripod.

The first thing I did was remove SEVEN duplicate charging cables to be stored upstairs or donated. Everything comes with a cable and I don't need to keep varying lengths at arm's length. Notice how neatly gathered all those ties already were? My problem wasn't uncoralled wires, it was too many wires!

Next I moved the gps and its charger to the top drawer since I've been using it too often lately. Look at what those two small changes did:

Everything fits neatly in the bottom drawer but I don't like it because its not sustainable. I need something to keep the less used components away from my camera, which I use almost daily. A basket would work best since I could stand up wires and tripod to save room.


I bought a 2-pack of cloth bins at KMart for $4.99. I checked the dollar stores first but these were the perfect size to corral smaller things and still fit in the drawer: 7" x 7" x 5.75"

It was slightly narrower than the drawer so I fit the camera charger and my headphones into the space at its left. I tried fitting both bins in the drawer but it made the camera space needlessly smaller so now I have an extra bin sitting around. Joy!

This is all part of the January Cure:


Alana in Canada said...

Great job on decluttering your drawer. Take measurements of the size of basket you need and hit the dollar store!