Monday, January 12, 2015

Office Depot can be really nice

I had a pleasant experience with Office Depot's chat service today. I wanted to order a $11.99 item but shipping was $9.95 (I know). I went into chat to see if they had alternative methods of pick-up which would save shipping costs.

Matthias: I'm sorry. Please know that item is available only for online purchasing not for store pick up, however you can place the order online and have them delivered to your home. It is not available at stores
Anny: Delivery costs as much as the item so I was hoping it could be delivered to the store
Matthias: I'm sorry for that, however you can place the order and provide me your order number so that I will add a note in the order to process the credit back for delivery fee in the order

Then he waited on-line for me to place my order and provide my order number.

Pretty nice, right?

Of course shipping should never have been that high - if it had been $5 or under I would have just paid it ;)