Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Let's go a Dansk'ing

Remember when I found that little Dansk butter pan a year ago? I liked it too much to list but not enough to have it supplant the Calphalon in my cabinets. End result? I leave it in the eBay room to admire.

Paella pan - $5
Socks - $1.50
Book on cd - .50
Leprechaun ornament - .25
Frames - .10

Who donates brand new socks!?

This may be a Christmas ornament but I am putting him up next month. He can go in the bathroom to watch my husband pee!

This was originally $7.50 before Christmas. I saw it once then it vanished so I assumed someone else snatched it up. Today Christmas stuff was gone and this was back out - at $5!

Apparently chips occur because the enamel coating doesn't flex with its metal innards but instead chips off. I need to google how to clean this. If it were any other material I would throw a Magic Eraser in the mix but I don't want to damage it before handing it off to eBay.

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Anonymous said...

I still am not 100% on board with this leprechaun watching me pee.

Chrissy said...

that is a fabulous price for frames! you have very good luck. =)