Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lazily Thrifting Through

Today's stylecure was to clear out the pantry. I figured this was going to be a piece of cake because my husband has spent the last few days going through and throwing away expired stuff. Unfortunately this part of the cure wants us to set aside 30-60 minutes and remove everything, then vacuum and wipe down all the shelves and their contents instead of just purging stuff.

I don't know about you guys but we have a ton of crap in those shelves and they haven't been emptied since we moved in. Plus I get ocd with cleaning so I know this would take over an hour and today was volunteering day! This will be delayed too. Why not since all the floors still haven't been cleaned either ;)

So ironically I was a little early to volunteering so I dropped by the Salvation Army to see if they had set out any jadite (I am still hoping).

I spied this from all the way down the hall and practically snatched it from in front of a lady perusing pots. Unfortunately the top was dinged on the other side and that base? Pyrex. Recouping that $5 would have taken too long.

I dropped by Habitat to see if they had any doorknobs for me. Nope but they had this lovely dining set. I just love retro.

They also had this ($200) and its matching corner desk ($100). Habitat gets much more interesting donations but their prices are bananas.

I did buy a bucket for $1 because I hate turning down bargains.

Then it was time to volunteer. The kid's sectionis half off so I bought nonsense for the girls:

$3.20 for the lot!
I think I threw away the plastic slide for this at the store and its discontinued so I can't make the cars slide. There is one person on eBay selling other spare parts but not this one. Bummer.

The Little People needed a way of getting around the village they have upstairs! Check out Pinky Pie in the background - the new My Little Pony show is really entertaining!

This is an instructional aid for the two year old niece. Every time I bathe her she tries to eat the bubbles and is then distressed by the taste. Yummy looking stuff isn't always yummy!

Look at this super cute book she is probably going to tear up! The pages have cutouts with corresponding pictures on the next page!

See how the butterfly is also Minnie's bow? CUTE!

I think its time to donate some of the larger toys I've bought. These fun hunks of plastic are taking over the floor in the eBay room!

I am cheerfully sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays:


Margaret said...

Your nieces are so lucky to have an aunt like you! I bet they can't wait to visit or see you! LOL

JoKnows said...

You spotted some awesome furniture! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesday! Jo