Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I'm still not sure what an oral surgeon does

I went to see an oral surgeon today, at my dentist's suggestion. My right jaw clicks and she was concerned I might have TMJ leading to hearing loss. What the heck, right?

Well no TMJ but I've been doing a lot of stress induced jaw clenching and its making my left side wonky(er). I've been seeing an acupuncturist for a few weeks and massaging has definitely helped but the oral surgeon suggested "face physical therapy" three times a week for a month.

I guess being in a perpetual state of nervousness and worry for an entire season is bad for your health.

In cheerier news my carnations are blooming. When I was little my mom once said she liked the red carnations at the grocery store and my dad spent years sporadically picking them up when he did groceries.

Today's assignment is to dedicate three minutes to a furious clean-up. I love doing this! In fact my timer is probably the most accessible thing in all the kitchen cabinets! I will put 5 or 8 minutes on the timer when the house gets particularly overwhelming and try to do as much within that time frame. I find it easier to ignore/accept chaos if I think it will take too long to undo. But 8 minutes? I can handle eight minute annoyances.

3 minutes isn't very long so I decided to sort my messy desk. Its becoming a catch-all and makes me avoid sitting at it.

Look at this adorable mp3 player the library loans out! I'm listening to Stephen King's Full Dark, No Stars. Ignore everything else on the desk - they are my physical to-do pile.

About ten minutes later you can barely see the difference LOL I put a bunch of stuff aside to take upstairs, threw some in the donation box then shredded some old receipts.

This little sorter from Office Depot has made my desk much more organized but I need to keep on top of the stuff I leave on my desk instead of saying its Future Anny's Problem. She hates it when Present Anny does that.