Monday, January 26, 2015

I guess I collect Dansk now

I've been a Calphalon girl since I could afford it but thrifting (and your blogs) has really made me appreciate Dansk. When I saw this little thing clearanced down to $29 I had to buy it:

I also kept the large paella pan as a bread holder and am considering bringing down the yellow one to make my morning oatmeal. I probably won't because I have a perfect little one quart Calphalon - which can go in the dishwasher!

There's no denying Dansk is prettier but Calphalon's stainless steel is better suited for my oddball cooking. I'm not sold on enamel because all my aunts and uncles had these cup when I was a kid:

but they were all chipped like this:

I can deal with my $4 and $5 pots chipping but if my new red one chips? I will be very sad. Then I will blog about it.