Sunday, January 25, 2015

How do you clean Blendo?

The local Goodwill confuses me. I will go in four times and leave empty handed but on the fifth visit need a basket:

Nesting heart bowls - 2.99
Blendo glasses - .99 each
Frog in jar - .49(!!!)

I've been regretting selling last summer's frog but this makes up for it! Its the exact same glass top but Goodwill had it stuck on top of a seasoning jar. I have a teeny Ball mason jar (about an inch tall) which I plan to fit it into when its empty.

How would you clean the marks off these glasses? I tried a magic eraser and it left one like new but the other two have these little grey scuffs. I'd normally break out the Barkeeper and his friend but I don't want to rub off the pretty coloring. Blendo stuff is so pretty I never sold last year's bowl either.

These are marked RHP - which I believe is Red Hot Pottery on etsy. They are super cute but may not flip for much profit.

I am still talking about it at the Thriftasaurus: