Friday, January 9, 2015

How come we never make a big deal about Valentine's?

Guys there is nothing sadder than putting away a Christmas tree. Sure empty space is nice for resting eyes, yadda, yadda but really? Its too much of an adjustment. Someone should invent an expiring tree. On December 26 you'd push a button and it would slowly shrink until you had a teeny tree to mulch or recycle or trash.

This may not be my Million Dollar Idea.

Time to swap in VDay curtains! I love grommets and these let in more light than the solid red ones I used over the holidays. I am planning to donate those because they're so dark and last year my husband accused me of trying to give him SAD!

VDay and winter decor onward! I hate snow because I'm an adult who shovels but think snowmen are adorable. We have red lights we can put in the window but its over a month away and I don't want them to be confused with lagging Christmas lights.

The top of the blu-ray shelf went through its monthly dusting/decorating as well. Long time visitors will probably recognize most of this stuff from thrifting adventures. Doesn't that little vase with lights look like a Tree of Harmony?

Its decorated with the same Martha Stewart lights as always. I saw similar ones clearanced on if you still don't own any. Search for "Gemmy 25-Count Indoor."

I threw an old necklace on the Mother in Law's tongue which is back in the tree's spot. Its much less impressive than a six foot tree with lights and ornaments but at least it purifies the air.

The lighted garland got replaced too.

This is probably the fourth home I decorate with this musical snowglobe and little tea light holders. Not bad considering it came from Walgreens - more known for their pharmaceuticals than home decor.

What have you been up to? Have you swapped X-Mas for V-Day or stuck to strict winter?