Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy Three King's Day!

Normally I put away holiday decorations the weekend after 3 King's Day but since I'm unemployed I should get on that sooner, eh?

Today's stylecure assignment was to designate a Clutter Collector - aka a space in the home where stuff chills until its trashed/donated/retrieved. We normally put that by the kitchen door so I can toss it in my car and donate Wednesdays. Cure - Check!

In just as pleasant news I went thrifting today! I hadn't been thrifting in ages but my ear pain has finally become managable - especially on days following acupuncture. I had an early appointment today near home, a few things to mail and time so I went for it:

Shakespeare book - 3.99
Precious Moments book - 1.99
Fairy - 1.99
Bag o Ornaments - .99
Mugs - .49 each

Intercourse, Pa LOL

Remember when mug prices at this store doubled and tripled last month? They went from having 15ish mugs to over 100! Today they were back to reasonable prices and only had about 20 - I hope they learned their lesson!

This book makes it owner look smart! Well - unless it is shrink wrapped and obvioudly decor rather than enjoyment.

This tooth fairy is SCARY! See her little satchel marked "Baby Teeth?" I wouldn't put it past her to yank out some loose ones while in town.

This looks like a bad buy. Its a bunch of thin wood ornaments.

Unfortunately some are painted by a toddler and only one is painted inside the lines - perhaps the demo for the pack?

I got suckered in because I wanted Big Santa to hang on my kitchen window. See the snow behind him? Apropos Thrifting is Good Thrifting.

Here is some stuff I wanted to show you but did not buy:

This Briard pot was 4.99 or 5.99 but eBay comps were around $20. It had a small chip in the enamel in the back and the bottom was scratched from being used to cook. If it wouldn't have been such a pain to store I would have been tempted anyway!

Angry Jesus watching out for shoplifters?

$59.99 and according to the tag has been sitting there for over a month. I really love midcentury design but don't want to own it. This is my hands-on museum!

Our basement chandy was only $9.99! This was the most reasonably priced thing in the whole store but I don't think my husband wants a second chandelier in the house. He probably doesn't want a second one outside of the house either.

I am being a Thrifter Sharer: http://www.heywhatsfordinnermom.com/


laura sampson said...

I love that hutch too but no I wouldn't need it, I don't know if I could stand a glass front like that something about kids and fingerprints and clean windows... : ) GLAD to hear about the ear pain, do whatever you can do, I LOVE IT!