Monday, January 19, 2015

Everything is falling apart these days

Remember how I said I needed physical therapy for my neck and shoulders? The oral surgeon thought it stemmed from clenching whenever I experience ear pain or tinnitus. Spoiler alert: I do it a lot.

So I started and its a lot of the same exercises the Wii puts me through when I decide to work out with it. There are plenty of stretches involving exercise bands and supporting myself and a bike with hand pedals:

I used it for ten minutes, which was slightly over a mile and burned less than 30 calories. Less than THIRTY! I had to stop at least three times too. It turns out eBaying is a passive verb, not a calorie burning verb ;)

So I am supposed to go three times a week for four weeks. The physical therapist says it will probably be closer to two months because my scoliosis is exacerbating the problem. I forgot I had scoliosis because its so slight and doesn't affect me normally.

Honestly, I've been to more doctors since the hearing loss started than I went all through my twenties together!