Friday, January 30, 2015

Estate Sales on Fridays are Lousy AMIRIGHT!?

I'm not a big fan of estate sales but I found myself with an extra few minutes between appointments and really wanted to see inside this house:

Can I admit estate sales are a chance to legally poke around someone else's house without a real estate agent?

There was randomly exposed brick all over.

Seeing a diner booth set-up in person made me realize what a space hog they are. I've always thought they would be cool to have but now I don't think we have enough space for it.

The en suite master bath had a fireplace!

The bathtub was huge with candles all over but the walker leaning against it killed the mood.

Predictably, there wasn't anything inside within my price range to buy. The estate ladies mentioned there was more out back so I went to look:

I've seen regular houses smaller than this carriage house!

It was a midcentury dream with skylights and exposed beams all over. I really love those tables.

In the end all I got was an Operation Pen & a thrown bowl for $3. I can't decide if the bowl is gorgeous or grody.

After that I went to PT where I've progressed to lifting weights. Their massage person is excellent and in spite of all this stretching and exercising I am not sore at all!

I thought I had another appointment at 4pm but its actually NEXT week (goodness so many) so I went over to the Salvation Army with an hour to spare. They've upped their prices but still get good stuff:

Bavaria chocolate pot - 3.99
McCoy tea pot - 2.99
McCoy mushroom canister - 2.99
Book - Free

How much do you love this lid? A lot, right?

The book's cover is pretty bad and the binding has separated.

but the pages themselves are fine. Still, it looks like an eBay dud so I will probably donate it to the little thrift store.

How was your Friday? Mine was great and I will be telling Sir Thrift all about it tomorrow:


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

I went to an estate sale yesterday, too. I was able to get a good deal on some dollhouse furniture and a few other items, but most of it was priced too high for me to make a decent profit on. The house you went to is gorgeous!!

Laurie Fancy said...

Hit or miss with estate sales, or any sales for that matter. But DON'T scrap the book. Use the wonderful Rockwell pix to collage or decoupage. Throw in some vintage cabbage roses and you could really spruce up a sweet tea tray! Or pass them along to a friend who could put them to good use. I never want to destroy a book (horrors! my mother-in-law was a librarian!!), but if the binding is trashed. Why not?