Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Why aren't all holidays extravagant!?

If you enjoy decorating Christmas is the BEST holiday! Its all about jewelled excess and reflective lighting and utilizing every extension cord in your arsenal!

My husband and I are watching Modern Family so this is a view we have become very accustomed to :D

Trio of trees (CVS circa five years ago) on the end table between the couches

Door from the living room to the rest of the first floor. You can barely see the leg ornament at the top of the picture - its for my hubby who loves silly retro movies :)

The big tree, trio of trees and this door's garland are all on the right side of the room so I ran all their extension cords to a remote light switch and ITS great! Normally I barely turn on holiday lights because moving furniture and stretching is a pain but this I can get with. In fact - I may keep that switch around for our bedside lamps.

Right behind me in the first photo are stairs. I draped some garland and hung those Godinger Santas between railings.

I remember thrifting you like it was yesterday!

I want to replace my Christmas curtains next year because  clips are lame. I did enjoy hooking an ornament to every clip so maybe not SO lame. The flanking stockings are from Target with some vintage holiday pins. I may put this reindeer pin on my coat to signal I am Seasonally-Prepared.

Blowmold Santa decided to stay in our living room. At his feet is one of the $1 Black Friday poinsettas from Lowes in the estate sale vase. I had so much fun that day.

Lit up Santa is Foreboding Santa so he experiences life unplugged.

The top of the blu-ray shelf is a cornucopia of thrift! At the left is my husband's Charlie Brown tree - CVS circa a while ago. I may have gotten that Santa boot at the same time. Then we have blue Santa, AMAZING ornament and another Lowe's poinsetta in a flea market vase.

At the time I thought this ornament and its hook were overpriced but look at it! The colors pulse and change and its has snowflakes on the outside which interrupt the colors. I can't believe the previous owner never even unboxxed it!

Next to the blu-ray stand is the tv stand with various little knick knacks. I didn't want to overload it with breakables since my niece is still 1.5 but maybe next year?

Remember how surprised I was to find this lovely Santa at the crappy Salvation Army? I was forgetting Crappy SA was also in the Jewish part of town LOL

The star is the main tree - of course! This year we went for random ornaments instead of the color/size coordinated ones of yore. Its not as aesthetically pleasing but makes my heart happy.

This one is from our trip to Baltimore. I'd like an ornament from every place we've visited.

Nabbed this last year for my hubby, the teacher

My guy's grandpa made this for him when he was a kid. I like it

and I love my initial so much there are a few random A's around. See the red Swingline in the background? Our tree is fun.

We are hosting Christmas dinner at our house this year - YAY! Other family members normally organize events and we get asked to bring disposable plates, frozen veggies, garlic bread and other non-culinary but necessary items. My husband says we will be making our Famous Call to the Pizza Place but I'm ambling to prove we can cook.

We will be eating in our new basement dining room so I stuck festive stuff on the windowsills. In retrospect that crystal nutcracker at only $1.49 was a steal! Those are Ikea candle stick holders my husband garage saled for me and I think the reindeer were thrifted too. The glass Christmas tree in the first basement pic was definitely garage saled.

We eat family style so this plastic angel probably won't have a place at the dinner table but its cute for now.

You can barely see it in the first picture but I nestled two of my Kostas in the garland just like that post from last year.

So that's 98% of Christmas decor at our house! We have some random ornaments sitting around but nothing worth blogging about. Thank you so much to Laura for hosting this Christmas round up and being patient while I blogged it all out!


AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I have a husband like yours! Loves the crazy character ornaments. He actually has his own tree full of them. I have a Charlie Brown tree that you just reminded me of....gotta get it out! Cute décor! Good luck on dinner!

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Your decorations are lovely, but I'm really in love with your gorgeous hardwood floors! :)

laura sampson said...

have you posted about the new basement dining room? I'd love to see it!! I'm very curious, do you have to carry everything downstairs I might be too lazy for that! Thanks for being a hostess with the mostess with me--I hope your Christmas was a merry one!