Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thrifting & Christmassing

Thank you for all the kind words everyone. I'm still struggling with acceptance but am much more chipper. I even thrifted and decorated some more!

Tomorrow is the last day the little thrift store is open in 2014 so Christmas stuff was 50% off:

$3 for the batch

I used to be much less tolerant of holiday cuteness.

My nieces and I have sweet teeth! The rest of the books are to send to my cousin's daughter a few states over for Christmas. Her mom asked for books to build her a library. Have you noticed how much board books weigh!? I am at over 8 pounds so they will ship media mail - blame Santa if they arrive late!

Two bows for our front steps because we are lacking festive curb appeal.

This will be a fun car game :D

I put the little F&F guy next to the tree. I may rustle up some silver baubbles to throw in his basket.

After looking at yesterday's pictures I replaced the fake flowers with Santa's poinsetta. I also hung my husband's uber plush stocking from a reindeer stocking holder.

My own plush pink one has seen much better days. Maybe I will stuff it. Or maybe just put it away. I bought it to match my old pink walls because I was never going to paint. Funnily enough the next tenants have been there over a year and they haven't painted the pink walls either LOL

I hung today's white stocking from the other reindeer. They are a triftecta of softness.

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Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Pretty decorations! Merry Christmas!