Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What it sold for: Random Roundup Edition

Only one sale this week but I've been too pre-occupied to list.
Paid $1, sold for $8

My birthday is in ten days and my husband upgraded my old Intercept for an iPhone! I don't have a case yet so my sister-in-law lent me her super ostentatious case in the meantime. LOL

I ordered this one on eBay as soon as I got home.

I've had the $25 300 minutes, unlimited text and data for the past 4.5 years but decided to upgrade to the $30 unlimited talk, text and web. In my area Virgin Mobile runs on Sprint networks and reception is good.

Technically the plan costs $35 but I signed up for auto-pay (why wouldn't you!?) so it knocks off $5. After tax the monthly fee is $32.10. Not bad! Everyone should have Virgin Mobile.

I also ordered 50 of those knock-off Magic Erasers for $3.59 everyone keeps talking about. Don't bother, fellow bloggers.

They took about two weeks to arrive and came wrapped in a black trash bag. This is fine since shipping was free and sponges are the least fragile item on Earth.

However they smell SUPER FISHY. They smelled fishy enough that I washed the scissors I used to open the bag! I put them in the outside hall to see if they air out.

Size was better than I expected - the eraser on top is a legit Magic Eraser (with Febreeze!).

So here is my sink after a visit from Barkeeper's Friend. I don't think I've ever lived somewhere with a stainless steel sink and it sure is hard to maintain! I usually clean it with BarKeeper's Friend then hit it up with a Magic Eraser to remove the left over powder.

The "after" looks deceptively like the after from using a legitimate eraser - EXCEPT! See all those little white flecks? That's left-over cleanser which the eraser didn't clean up. Just like the legit eraser - I could feel traction from the eraser going over them but they weren't being cleaned up.

Since I was cleaning anyway I hit up the bathtub and sink. The eraser crumbled afterwards but for the price I was expecting them to be single serve cleaners anyway.

I found these erasers did a decent job with surface stuff, which would probably be cleaned up just as easily with a wet paper towel or regular sponge. They barely dented soap scum. Honestly - either I got a really bad batch or all the bloggers recommending these haven't used legit sponges in so long they've forgotten about quality. I'd rather pay $2 for a legit sponge which cleans quickly and lasts a few uses than $3.50 for 50 infuriating ones.