Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What it sold for: Hurry and List Edition

The latest eBay listing promotion ends tonight and I was so busy with mom/hearing loss docs I hadn't been listing at all. Now I am way behind!

Not as behind as my buyers though - I had SIX unpaid items from last week but four paid today. Its as if they knew I was going to type up my weekly "what it sold for" post and didn't want to be called out as deadbeats!

Was this $2? Sold for $13 a few months later

.29 or .49, sold for $9.10

Paid $1, sold for $5

Paid .99, sold for $9

Paid .29 or .49, sold for $8

Was this $3 or $4? Sold for $11
Remember I told you audio books always sell? Remind me audio books with a story people want to hear sell faster. The other two books sold months ago.

Paid $2, sold for $12 - I thought this would sell faster

This one was .50 from that disgruntled ex-Mets fan, sold for $14.30.

Christmas shopping is happening! I sold everything last year and I look forward to having walking room in the eBay room. Now that we've style-cured the guest room its time to move on to the last disaster in the house!