Sunday, November 2, 2014

Thrifting & Reading

I woke up very bummed yesterday so my husband and I went to the intermittent rummage sale. This was my first time deliberately going and it was disappointing:

Faux leather vhs holder boxset - $1
2 Kitties - 50 each

The one on the left was handmade in Uruguay. The funky looking chesire one on the right?

Handcrafted with Mount Saint Helens' ash! I find the funkiest stuff whilst thrifting.

I shared with Sir Thrift:

I stopped at the library Friday afternoon in order to cheer myself up. One of the books I picked up was The Little Book of Big Decorating Ideas. I didn't notice it was by Country Living until I got home so most of the ideas weren't for me but here are some I enjoyed and would like to implement:

What do you guys do with that hell strip between your sidewalk and the street? Our house has THREE mowing impediments - a huge birch, a fire hydrant and a street parking sign so we can't feasibly mow more than three-four feet. Everyone in our neighborhood has grass but I'm leaning towards some kind of perennial ground cover. I dislike using the trimmer.

These pillows are adorable! Who says personalization is for t-shirts?

I used to work at Liz Claiborne so seeing artwork transformed into cloth is ho-hum. Seeing my handwriting on cloth? Amazing! I have lovely handwriting :D

I like this and have a few wide vases. Perhaps for Christmas I will line the bottom of one with teeny Christmas balls, stick in some milk glass vases with poinsettas and call it a centerpiece :)

This book was adorable without too much detail. It was like skimming pinterest in printed format. As I mentioned this book was published by Country Living so if your home is in that style you will find plenty of inspiration and if not? You will still get some clever little ideas you can tweak to suit your individual taste.


Jill Porter said...

I really like the Uruguay kitty. Very sweet!

ThriftyGirl51 said...

Cute kitties: )