Saturday, November 15, 2014

The family which thrifts together...ends up with overly cluttered homes together

The intermittent church rummage sale is winding up for the year! The ladies told me the next one will be the last one until spring! Its indoors so I don't understand WHY!

$1.50 Serenity Prayer breakable for that basket I am putting together for Friday
.50 Degas mug

Mom went with me and got:

$1 glass jar
$1 alarm clock for the guest bedroom at her house
.50 address book

My mom is unironically retro.

Even though it was about 40 degrees and windy we drove past a garage sale so had to stop by.

Mom bought some .50 picture frames and this family tree frame for .50 as well. We photoshopped a bunch of family pictures into 2" tall size and printed a 4x6 picture.

I got:

.25 birthday necklace for my sister-in-law's bday Friday
.25 book for paperbackswap

Funnily enough when I was growing up my family looked down on garage sales and would never stop. I always wanted to so once I got my own car I started going on my own. As soon as my family saw the awesomeness I was finding they decided saling was cool too. Bandwagonners! Unfortunately my mom lives in another country so we don't really get to sale together much. It was nice going out with her two weekends these last two weekends.

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