Saturday, November 1, 2014

Stylecure: Perfection is the Enemy of Good

I hated Philosophy class in college but decorating a home has given this quote a new perspective.

Mom gets here tomorrow and this room is just lovely! We knew it was a great room when we first toured but things went bad on move in day. The movers first went to my husband's old apartment and picked up his stuff. Right after they went to my old apartment for my stuff. Then we both raced to the new house and waited for "our stuff." As the number of boxes making their way in became more and more staggering we resorted to saying "Put it in the room upstairs" and it was downhill from there!

Know what I like best about this room? Its a perfect blend of our old stuff. Those are his frames, my parent's wedding photo, his husband on my old comforter. This is my old, super comfortable bed and I've often thought of coming up here to read but the room's mess gave me agita. Not anymore!

This is the other half of the room. It has a floor! I am avoiding loud noises and hate cleaning anyway so I let the Roomba at it for Stylecure 6. I did dust the furniture and windows from drilling holes for CURTAINS! The previous owners didn't patch up old nail holes and there isn't any indication these rooms ever had anything but mini blinds despite being their daughter's room. How depressing!

Can you believe neither my husband nor I knew there was a mirror mounted on the back of the linen closet door!? This is the first time we have closed it in over a year!

I'd like to find a better place for the trophies but for now symmetry works. I envisioned this bench under that window since I saw the room and am so happy it looks as good as I thought it would! (The clutter is stuff mom ordered so I am saving it for her.)

This is the door into the room. See the coat hook with clean towel and bathrobe? We are quite hospitable.

Speaking of hospitable - LUGGAGE RACK!!! I am inordinately happy to see it here.

So while sorting the room I kept giving these knobs the side eye. They are very solid and nice but so dark. Luckily I'd just invested a WHOLE DOLLAR in a bag of knobs just three weeks ago!

I tested one, gave it the internal thumbs up and my husband swapped them all out!

They match my Justin Case tie backs! I bought these planning to eBay them, then saved them from the garage sale pile and installed them today. These curtains are about ten years old and have been in EVERY home I've lived in since moving out of my parent's house. This means they don't have snazzy grommets like modern curtains and actually need tie backs!

I styled the shelf to be more Mom friendly. We're Dominican and our patron saint is the Virgin Mary. Most of my aunts and a few of my cousins have her name as their middle name so she is special to us. I put the little vase there to make her happy. Then I left my ice cube lamp because she loves it (and actually uses bedside lighting!), brought my clock radio up and put a picture of her grandkids up there. I hope it makes her happy.

I will keep working through the style cure but I am pretty happy with this room right now. Sure there are little details - I'd like to raise the curtain over the bench and buy it matching brackets. I also read Max's post on color and know this room could use complementary colors but I am an opportunistic shopper - I wait for the perfect comforter and area rug to come to me rather than go shopping for them!

Can I let you in on a secret? I wanted this room to also double as a play area for our nieces (ages 1.5 and 6) because I keep their toys and books in the room across the hall. Right now when they want to play they drag stuff downstairs and into our living room - where I keep gorgeous breakables! This room is more accessible, has a larger empty area, there is sans breakables and when they leave putting stuff away will be a piece of cake! I am so happy this room will be used now.

In fact - hanging stuff up in the guest room finally motivated me to hang up artwork in the office! I feel so much happier typing away surrounded by color instead of monotone beige and black!


Sarah Wilson said...

Your end result for the cleaning challenge is so much more satisfying than mine!! I thought we'd done a pretty good job, but looking at the pictures this morning all I can think is how much more work we have left to do! I'm sure your mom is going to be very happy staying there. :)