Friday, November 7, 2014

Stylecure: Perception changes color

This weekend's stylecure assignment is super easy: gather stuff to fix stuff. The suggestions are paint, fabric, etc. In order to move the curtains up all I need is spackle, sandpaper and touch-up paint. That's all in the basement!

Unfortunately the hardware is at Ikea and I wouldn't go there on a weekend if it was "Meatball Buffet Saturday." BUT when I get there I will need to buy another two curtain rods because guess what!?

That's right - this room is going from NO curtains to TWO curtains!!!

I mentioned we're not painting because the paint is fine and why mess with that kind of ringing endorsement?

Well that means the room needs curtains and a bedspread which would match...purple. So I cruised through the purple spectrum of window attire and randomly picked two. The ones on the left because I dig blackout curtains and the ones on the right because they are purple and had little fake crystals (my standards for purple are fairly low). I wasn't expecting either to work but when I got home I was surprised to see the ones on the right actually make the rug look like it has purple specks!

It actually ties the "perfectly fine" floor to the "perfectly fine" paint color! Dare I say it looks deliberate!?

Here they are in their packaging - in their 84" $16.99 unhemmed glory

and here they are chilling on a curtain rod. Its a cute pairing but with this amount of purple and bling the room could accidentally start looking like a teenager's room. I know the color wheel wants me to go for a yellow (or at least yellow-y accented) bedspread but now I'm leaning towards something closer to the floor's tan. It could be the testosterone boost this room needs!

The curtain rod holders I am using are the "betydlig" and they can be oriented long or short.
If oriented with the long side out an extra curtain rod ring holder can be purchased for .49. I can't believe I am going to go to Ikea for less than $5 worth of stuff either.

In equally rivetting hardware news - buying new door pulls was way harder than it needed to be.

 The existing pulls are lame-o outer pulls screwed into the door.

 Most of what eBay has to offer as a replacement looks like this

or this.

I am just going to buy a dummy door handle. There are thousands of options and it will make our cute little hollow core doors look more substantial.

Blogging this stylecure is weird. I'm not used to posting anything unless its complet-ish so saying "look at these curtains on the floor and pretend they're up" is bizarre. Hi basics - nice to see ya!