Monday, November 3, 2014

Stylecure 8: What is the room missing?

This Style Cure asked us to find one item or project we would like to change about the room we are working on. Well, if we're going to be nitpicky I have a few changes I would like to make:

I'd like to raise these curtains to at least half the space to the ceiling -

making them the same height as the other window would provide welcome continuity.

I have to redrill the hardware anyway because I need to buy more curtain brackets from Ikea. I hate to be that blogger but we're in America Ikea - it won't kill you to write "Qty: 1" on boxes. I only bought enough brackets for the other window so needed to re-use some destined for the trash brackets from my old house and they're too small.

Speaking of hardware these are probably the original fifty year old door pulls. They're just screwed into the door with magnets keeping it closed. They look like regular cabinet pulls so would be an easy swap. Something whitish to go with the new curtain ties and drawer pulls on the dresser would be nice.

The floor is bland but in great shape and I'm ok with that. I know most folks would want to layer a rug but that sounds like a tripping hazard/more cleaning situation to me. Also the purple walls are totally staying because I'm burned out on painting and the paint is in good shape. The previous owners even painted the inside of the closets and left us an extra can of paint in the basement. Your dedication to mauve will not be ignored!

So these are this room's entirely unimperative "put them out to the universe" wishlist items. I'd like to fix the curtain after mom leaves (seems rude to drill, patch and paint in a room while someone is crashing there) and browse the cabinet pulls at Lowes/Depot but I can wait for a nicer comforter to make its way through the little Thrift Store.

and that is my utterly dull response to StyleCure 8: