Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Real & Virtual Shopping

.49 Fiesta mug at the Salvation Army
It took me over half an hour to pay for this one item. Remind me not to shop here on half priced clothing Wednesdays!

Here's some stuff I didn't buy - but did photograph with my snazzy new iPhone:

This was $3.99 but the handle was snapped off (inside) and I remember another blogger selling it for $20ish. Not worth the hassle of storing and shipping!

This was $1.99 and smooth white stone but had that little chip on the joint where I guess their hands would be. After all those eBay duds anything less than perfection stays on the shelf!

Afterwards volunteering/shopping:
Books - .20 each
Little People house - .10
Intimates washing machine bag - .10

I read an excerpt of the Mindy book in a magazine and it sounded funny. I've been seriously nesting and as alway the Little People toy is for my nieces. Its a good thing they don't realize how cheaply I am spoiling them!

Anyway, this is what I mean by nesting. This is my nightstand and I have three other books around the house! After complaining about never making the time to read last month all I want to do now is nestle up with a pretty book. Young House Love is cute although I haven't found any projects for me yet. The Apartment Therapy book is meant to be read as a six week "cure" project and I love it but think I will return it to finish later. I just don't have the mental resources right now.

Speaking of Apartment Therapy - today's assignment is to set up a shopping list and budget for the virtual shopping we did yesterday:

Door handles:  $10ish
Comforter: $20ish probably from thrift shop when a nice one comes in
Curtains: $20ish to match future comforter
Curtain hardware: $3 and an hour checkout at Ikea. That place needs a "5 items or less" lane

That was easy! I know Ikea will wait until mom leaves so I have about two weeks to do that. While I browsed the hardware on-line at Lowes and Depot nothing screamed "BUY before everyone else finds it and it goes out of stock!"

Have I mentioned how much I appreciate the laid-back, methodical pace of this Style Cure? Instead of issuing a bullet list its developping organically and logically. For example - once I verbalized my desire for new door hardware on Monday I browsed on-line. This was actually Tuesday's assignment so I was ahead! Since I was ahead I had a foggy budget idea for today's assignment.

I bet this weekend will ask for "actual shopping" since weekends seem to be action days but I dig not being able to jump ahead. Having assignments released slowly forces me to read rather than skim.

BTW - I am being a Thrifter Sharer:


Sarah Wilson said...

What are your thoughts on the AT book? How does it compare to the Style Cure we're currently doing? I like having someone else lay out a structured order of events, because I tend to approach things chaotically and rarely finish a project in a timely manner...

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

I need to nest. I have a nice stack of books on my nightstand that need to be read :) Hope you'll share pics of your room once you find all of your goodies and get it finished.

Peter Guest said...

That Fiestaware mug is a super score for 49 cents! Good work!

laura sampson said...

I always have a stack of books to read, if I don't like one I just switch to another--I'd like to score an AT book to look through--maybe when you're done I can buy it off you?! Let me know!!

Anny said...

Oh the AT book is from the library, sorry!