Sunday, November 16, 2014

Maybe audiologists are just jerks

I had my fistula test yesterday morning - negative as expected. The test took less than a minute - the audiologist put an earplug with a tube attached in my ear then changed the pressure. Then he had me close my eyes and did it again. I didn't pass out from vertigo so all is well.

On the downside I'm still deaf and no one knows why.

So after the test the audiologist asked a few questions - leading with did anyone check for tumors. I think everyone who gets MRIs/MRAs looking for tumors but is clean should get a shirt saying "Tumor Free, That's Me!" Also, I think audiologists suck at small talk. Granted I've only met two but both have been real bummers.

Next up the ENT injects steroids directly into the middle ear. After that I surmise they give up and we start talking hearing aids.