Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Its official - our nieces have more toys at our house than their own

Someone asked Apartment Therapy how to make their home comfortable for visiting children. Amateurs! Even when I lived with roommates I always made sure my nieces had toys and books to read. Now that we own a home? Pack and play, changing mat, high chair, toys, books - heck we even have bath toys and Aveeno for Babies stocked.

Of course I've always spent time with kids and love thrifting!

Thrifting whilst volunteering. That green mug is a Starbucks mug; I hadn't found one of those in a while. The 1977 book is for my husband to flip through because he was born that year. The basket is to replace the one I bought last week which was too small.

First ugly Christmas sweater of the year

Little People Garage, plane and a loud little toy with animals

This is the third time I buy this guy. He was part of that farming set my older niece decided to keep and also part of the set I craigslisted earlier this summer. Oddly enough that blue thing switches hands.

I rushed through my post-thrifting errands because I was going to buy this from Le Creuset thing from a facebook seller who lives about three minutes away. $5

Those gift baskets I have to assemble are for this Friday. I googled around and like this blogger's get well soon basket. Remind me to buy two lemons or limes tomorrow!

I picked up a pair of honey blend bears from Rite Aid. They cost $1 but with my 20% buy way too much stuff discount they only cost .80 each.

That's because the honey is mixed with corn syrup.

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JoKnows said...

I think it's so great that you have things ready for your nieces. When my kids were small, it was so helpful to go to a house where we didn't have to haul absolutely everything with us! Thanks for sharing your thrifty finds at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays. Jo