Saturday, November 22, 2014

I made gift baskets...but wrapped them in purple

I don't know where to buy clear cellophane! I went to a bunch of stores and finally remembered my husband had a roll of purple he bought into the marriage so I just went with that:

I wish I'd taken a picture before wrapping them up because they were so cute! This one was especially akward because the cellophane ran out and I had to contort it.

They cost about $10 total to make:

$1.99 x2 - Celestial Seasonings tea
.80 x2 - Honey Bear from Rite Aid
.25 x2 - Baskets from the Little Thrift Store
$1.50 - Serenity Prayer ceramic thingy
.50 - Mug
.19 x2 Limes
.99 - Shredded blue paper liner

Of course then our group decided to raffle them off for free rather than as a fund raiser so we lost money on them but they were still fun to make!