Thursday, November 6, 2014

I figured out Candice Olson's Formula!

Everyone's favorite Canadian designer consistently turns out the most beautiful, pricey rooms on tv - and I figured out her formula!

1. Recess some lights over it
2. Scones it up
3. Put a fireplace in it
4. Is it shiny and breakable? If yes, add more!

I checked out two of her books from the library - Everyday Elegance and Favorite Design Challenges. Both were full of eye candy and gave pretty good explanations on how rooms were constructed and special challenges presented by each project. Everyday Elegance was a lot like scrolling throw pinterest but Design Challenges was really good.

We have something like this in the unfinished side of our basement - keyword unfinished. Think less molding and more plywood.

A lot of the capes we saw when house hunting had these ridiculously slanted ceilings. I like how she split it off - if now the lettering on the ceiling.

Look at the rurik on the ottoman! Ours is holding apples in the kitchen.

Not super novel but I always like it when someone removes part of a baseboard in order to make furniture flush.

I like the wording.

It looks like Candice Olson published a few books in the past few years and all are full of shiny amazement. If I had to nitpick something its how full she leaves her rooms. Rather than leaving space for clients to personalize she fills every surface with the perfect candlestick or art. I think she designs amazing hotel/spa areas but I bet they get shifted a lot after she leaves.

So the books? Fun to read and definitely worth looking at but with Pinterest being in existence I don't think they need to be owned. You're better off going there to look now instead of looking at my awful scans anyway ;)