Monday, November 17, 2014

I am gonna take a stand and say I dislike Price Hikes

The Salvation Army got a pricing gun and no longer handwrites everything. They also hired a few more guys to move furniture around.

Know what this means?

Prices have gone up!

99 cents for a mug!

This is a Life is Good mug and should sell fast so .99 is fine but you know how I used to buy dozens upon dozens of mugs for .29? Not anymore - almost every mug is .79 now - even the generic white ones.

I complained to the manager because she was hanging near the register and she said everything went up because they have new management. I told her that explains the overly stocked knick knack shelves ;)

.99 mug
.49 vase

I thrifter shared:


laura sampson said...

oh our store, not an SA charges 2-3 dollars a mug! ridiculous!!