Monday, November 10, 2014

Here comes Black Friday, here comes Black Friday

As always - is the place to go for ads.

I'm disappointed by the Walgreens ad. They had so much free shampoo and conditioner in the last two years that I'm still working on last year's stash. Sadly this year they will not be giving away shampoo and conditioner. Time to look forward to 2015!

I will be going to Kohls:

Remember I bought this set four years ago?  Well I've travelled internationally a few times and the big bag is on its last legs so time for a new one.

We are in the market for new sheets and I was impressed by the price savings here until I realized these are the exact same sheets we own. They may be 600 thread count but they sure don't feel like it. Thumbs down!

Isn't this pretty for the guest bedroom? I don't want to spend $70 on a bedset no one is going to use though.

Also it looks drastically different on their website.

So what about you? Found anything to be excited for on Black Friday yet?