Friday, November 21, 2014

Guest Bedroom Done!

I joke room are never "done" but this one has everything it needs...for now ;)

I spent almost an hour at Ikea buying curtain hardware. Well, I spent 30 seconds picking it up but you know how time flies at that place. While there I picked up that small rectangular pillowcase for $7 and insert for $5. The beads wrapped around it are an old saled belt. The square pillow was sold at Target a while ago so I bought it at the Salvation Army for $1.49. Unfortunately they only had one.

I raised the curtain hardware on the smaller window. Its a tad higher than planned so I wouldn't have to hem the curtain. *taps temple* Christmas gifts are on the bench because our Christmas tree is still inside this closet:

My beloved faux-celona blocks half the closet but this is all holiday storage stuff anyway. I originally had the husband on the bed but Mom kept moving it so I just left it where she put it and threw on a fuzzy pillow to soften it.

Oh and see the rack on the door? I bought so much stuff for this room in such a short period after ignoring it for so long!

Not much changed here except we finally tried to turn on the SNES and it red lighted us. Bummer.

and a cloudy daytime shot. Doesn't that look cosy? The pillows are off but I can wait to find the perfect mishmash.

Oh and here is a bonus shot of my niece playing with all her toys in the empty half of the room. Cleaning up was so easy since toys are stored in the eBay room across the hall.

Many thanks to Apartment Therapy for guiding this cure. The steps were simple and well paced but since Mom stayed here for two weeks right in the middle I couldn't always follow along. Luckily we didn't paint so catching up wasn't so hard!