Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fleastastic Saturday

Mom wanted to go to flea markets today but its COLD so I wasn't too optimistic. I'm glad we went with her instincts instead!

$3 - Hook rack for the guest room upstairs at flea market #1
$1 - Fossil purse at flea market #2
$1 - Kate Spade purse at flea market #2


This was a church's flea market and everything was $1. It was close to 1pm and they'd been there all day but they just kept bringing out more and more stuff. I don't think its a knock-off because it is well constructed and even has the tag inside.

Oh and I got this incredibly itchy hand knit wool sweater for eBay. $1 at the second flea market too.

Mom got about $25 worth of stuff but I just did a clothing purge and am not prepared to bring home trash bags more! I don't even like eBaying clothes because measurements are a pain and clothing returns are disproportionally high.

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Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Great finds!!!!