Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What it sold for: Scary Edition

I saw another ENT for a second opinion on this lingering ear ache/deafness. He said scary words like "surgery" and "spontaneous deafness" and has me scheduled for a hearing test at a local hospital tomorrow.

Slow eBay week but my mind is pre-occupied and I barely listed or thrifted:

Paid .29(?) and sold the pair for $4
Shot glasses are slow, poor sellers. Unless I find a NIB set of 20 I am out of the shot glass game.

Paid .29 and .79, sold the pair for $10

Paid .50(?), sold for $7.80

Paid .10 or .25, sold for $7.80 a town over. The mailbox I shipped it from was further from his house than my house!

I planted these Lowes bulbs around the lawn the other week but something has been digging them up and eating them. None of my neighbors had tulips this spring so I should have known better!

So I just pulled out the large clay planters and planted some bulbs in those. I have to figure out where to put them or how to cover them so varmints won't eat these too. Future Anny is counting on these to cheer up the snowy days of spring!

These are the bulbs which went in the planters. They're not "guaranteed to grow" but they're much prettier. I bought them at Home Depot. In my area Home Depot has more exotic variations but Lowes has better prices overall.

I paid $10 for 40 generic looking bulbs at Lowes while the comparable bag costs $15 at Depot. That's some expensive critter food!