Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wanna come to a classy coke party? Minus the coke.

Mandatory ear update: Still stuffed and my GP had emergency surgery this week. The second course of treatment is up so the nurse told me to go see an ENT. I made an appointment for Monday. Remember when I used to be the healthiest blogger on your roll?

In happier news I made it to the Salvation Army for the first time in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! As my Salvation Army tag attests I hadn't gone that long without a visit since discovering that place. Yep, I discovered the SA. You're welcome.

1.99 - Legs - Yes, More
1.99 - Glass "thing"
.99 - Partylite
.99 - Planter
.49 - Honey pot
.49 - Stone weight
.29 - Tea pot
.29 - Dilbert mug
.29 each Mickey piece

My 1.5 year old niece loves Mickey Mouse. I've been feeding her on her older sister's Disney Princess plates but she deserves to have her interests celebrated as well.

Someone donated a ton of rocks. Most were 1.99 so I just grabbed this one. I don't know why they sharpie prices and use a price sticker too. Maybe someone owns stock in Magic Erasers - I sure wish I did!

I never attached the last set of legs and here I am getting more. *sigh*

Someone tried to garage sale this for $1. Its a single serving size so I don't know how practical it is but it sure is cute! Plus .29? Sold!

This one has me stumped. There are six little glass holders with six teeny glass spoons. They're slightly smaller than a tea light candle and there isn't writing anywhere. The only thing I can think of is a really classy cocaine party.

Update: Kim ( pointed out these are individual salt cellars. Slightly more impressive than my impression ;)

The Partylite is one of those jumbo hurricane shades bloggers love putting on mantles and ottomans. I don't live that kind of life so eBay can have it.

This is much more my style but I don't need it.

The honey jar was taped shut and there appears to be crystallization on the stirrer. It seems someone was actually using this to serve honey at some point *shocked faint*

In other news I hosed down and brought in two of the outdoor plant stands for the newly-basemented hibiscuses. That plastic stand is ugly but does the job.

Look at these gorgeous blooms! The basement get tons of light and is warm but I was expecting them to hate the dehumidifier - after all these were the same plants which lost half their leaves when I moved them two miles from Lowes to home! I wish I could keep them upstairs and look at them all day but I'm afraid of pollen right now.

I threw Formerly Underperforming Colleus on the same stand as it enjoyed outside. I never noticed what a great seasonal plant this is. The green borders look Halloweeny right now but can't you picture it with baubbles at Christmastime? I bet the red comes back around for Valentine's Day.

I am making a good decision by keeping this one alive indoors. *pats self on back*

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The "cocaine" pots and spoons may be for salt. I seem to remember seeing something once where people would have individual salt bowls at the table. I could be wrong tho.

Danavee said...

I would kill those plants just by looking that them! GO YOU! I'm jealous of your green thumb!

laura sampson said...

you know what just clip off the stamens where the pollen lives then t won't be flying around bothering you and then go buy local honey AND pollen and start using the honey the pollen trapped in it will give you immunity to most allergens--then start taking the pollen during high allergy times!

Marium said...

Great finds! How annoyed about the marker...