Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Turns out I have a McCoy pottery collection

gradually, unexpectedly and fully purchased to sell  on eBay!

Crystal candle holder - 1.49
2 Yankee Candle holders - .99 each
Birdie - .49
Pinch pot - .29

There were two but one was chipped. I'm starting to recognize this stuff before turning it over!

I don't know what this little set is for. I'd guess mini planter but its so small the plant would have a short lifespan. Maybe its for fake flowers (eww).

At first I thought these uneven dice etchings were made by a lazy buyer but then I turned it over

Since the holes are under the sticker they must have been sold that way. I hope whoever decided to ruin such a gorgeous crystal by forcing them into looking like die was fired. I also hope whoever hired the person who did the actual drilling was fired. It goes without saying the person who drilled such uneven holes should have been fired too. When an employer doesn't give you a template you make your own!

These ridiculously heavy iron candle holders still have $19.99 price stickers underneath so I hope they sell quickly.

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laura sampson said...

whoa I've never seen salt candles with crappy dice etchings in them! EWWWWW who would do that?? Weird.

So I have a McCoy collections too, funny how you spot it once you start collecting it eh?

Thanks for linking up, I'm BACK from the land of expos and conventions, energized and ready to rock. Don't forget to come by leave a comment and MAYBE win some vintage linens! Cheers!