Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thrifting like a jerk

The first half of yesterday's thrifting was straightforward and unjerky:

Pyrex - 1.99
Bowl - 1.49
Mug - .99
Grimace glass - .29
British dish - .29

Its downright weird how much British stuff I find at this store

Isn't this pretty? Its made by Waltherglas, which I believe is German for Walter Glass.*
*totally made up

This Pyrex is pristine but unfortunately not my prized black.

My last McDonalds glass hasn't sold yet but maybe pairing them will do the trick. I love this mug so much! Its about six inches tall and holds so much.

Plus I bet you were about to leave a comment about how it was made by a super famous artist and is worth upwards of $10!*
*Also made up, I haven't deciphered this name yet

So after that I went to volunteer at the Little Thrift Store. I was putting donations on hangers and kinda eyeing a pair of mugs and saucers on the counter. A customer came over, picked them up and I saw Fiesta on the bottom. She left them on the counter and walked around so I snatched them up. About ten minutes later she came back asking for them. That is what baskets are for!

Sodastream and stuff - $8
Little People set - $2.50
Fiestaware pair - $1

I think I will have a tea party with my niece tonight. Decaf tea.

Remember all those Little People animals I thrifted this summer? I bet they were from this set. I eventually craigslisted them for $5 but I'm keeping this one for my baby niece. Each animal is on a little base which makes the sounds the animal makes when you press it and she loves obnoxious sounds.

I was only interested in the two sealed bottles because I bought a pair like them for Christmas for my husband last year for $20. The manager said she really wanted to sell them as a set so I figured for $8 - why not? The Sodastream has a canister inside although it doesn't feel full so I should be able to recoup my investment. Funnily enough the sampler in the back expired in 2012 - which means this kit was probably purchased around the same time my husband's was purchased!

See the red one in the background? I bought that for him back when we were dating :)

My opinion on the sodastream is 50/50. None of the sodas taste exactly like the one they are knocking off but they are fine on their own. However I don't drink that much soda and one of these bottles would be enough for 3 sittings for me. My husband LOVES diet soda and will go through periods where all I hear all day is "pshhhhhh pshhhhhhhhhhh pshhhhhhhhh" but then he'll get tired and go back to the canned stuff. Its a good investment in our home but isn't really for the casual (or sole) soda drinker. If I drank diet or he drank regular we could happily split a bottle.

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

Cool finds. Love the glass bowl is lovely!

Melissa said...

Always a happy day when you find Pyrex! Thanks for sharing @ TTF!