Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thrift her? I barely know her!

Small thrift whilst volunteering today:

Large plate - .25 or .50
Small plate - .25
Viking Bowl - .50 (for eBay)
Books - .20 each

These are Hazel Atlas plates. I passed up a stack of them months ago at the Salvation Army because I didn't know what they were and they cost $2ish each. The larger one is 9" across and would make an adorable cake plate. They are only worth $7ish to eBay so I will probably keep them.

Aside - check out this 30 piece set someone is eBaying:

I used to read a lot but when I read as an adult I feel unproductively guilty. I started reading again the other day and its nice. I got a sciency-book, a fluff book and one of those "be happy" books. I don't like storing books so they will probably be re-donated once I'm done.

This feels like a textbook. How cool would an entire class devoted to the pyramids be!?

The Madonna book has a cd. I'm going to give it to eBay.

Ear is still stuffy so I avoided the Salvation Army today. Its probably best - eBay hasn't given me free listings this month so I'm backed up, as usual.

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Jill Porter said...

The pink plates are beautiful!!

spymay said...

When I get through reading a fiction book, I redonate it to thrift store too. I figure if I want to read it again-it'll be there or will be there eventually.
That plate would make a great cake stand-so cute.

Curtains in My Tree said...

My mother had a set like yours , plates and dishes trimmed in pink when I was a baby, she told me once and now I am 67 so the plates are for sure vintage LOL

Lisa said...

My grama had plate like that too! I forgot all about them until now. Thanks for the reminder. Nice post.