Friday, October 17, 2014

This retroactive defect rate is hogwash!

I don't know what eBay was thinking with this "one year retroactive" nonsense. You know what I was doing a year ago? Providing good customer service, closing cases and not staying on hold for hours.

I understand eBay doesn't want to deal with e-mail and putting anything in writing but their hold times are ridiculous. For the amount of fees they charge they can afford to hire more customer service reps!

Here is my current defect seller dashboard:

Click to zoom in if you need to.

Defect rates are based on percentages. Right now I have 479 sales for the past year. That number is obviously fluid and changes daily. Based on this number I am allowed ten defects for the year. See how many are up there? 6.

The 10/4 "item not received" case is bollocks says tracking. I complained during Tuesday's call and this defect will supposedly disappear.

The 4/4/13? Never arrived because USPS lost it.

The 4/16? I mailed ink inside of another box. The buyer opened a case because she didn't open the outer box and assumed I mailed her the wrong thing. I responded and she closed the case. We were polite and she was apologetic.

See the correlation between these three cases? All were out of my control but I am being penalized. I did the obvious thing - set the phone on speaker and called my favorite toll-free number.

First I got a low-level guy named Brian who served as a bridge to Real Customer Service. Unfortunately it took me 30 minutes to get to Brian and for me to get to the next person?

Another hour.

News wasn't good.

SUPPOSEDLY eBay can't remove any defect older then 120 days for any reason. Any reason.

I call hogwash. How can a company retro-actively penalize sellers for something which happened outside of the dates they are willing to work with them on?

Sure - if you want to penalize me for instances when stuff arrived broken - that's fine. I had a direct hand in those. Penalizing me because USPS lost a package or a seller didn't open a box? Unfair.

Unfair and uncool eBay.


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

That sucks! Could you tell me how you got to the page that shows the date of each defect? I can go to my seller dashboard and see how many defects I have, but I don't know how to get to the page you have.